McQueen Starla

A tortie smoke British Loonghair baby girl!!!! Holy cow! We don’t see these very often, This is the only second girl we ever had. This color pattern is very rare among British breed. Not only is she a total sweetheart to look at but her personality will just melt your heart. She tilts her little head when you talk to her and is such a cuddle bug. If Starla has skipped away with your heart feel free to apply for her below! ;)

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Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Longhair

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 11/04/2018

Color: RARE Tortie Smoke

Coat: Super Dense Semi-Longhair

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

Price: AED 4000

#LitterS3 #BritishLonghair

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