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As years have turned into decades I have become  feline specialist with tested and true advise for those of you with a various database of questions regarding the needs and concerns of British Shorthair and Longhair cats.

Are your cat’s registered with an international registry?

Yes, my cats are registered with the EFF (Emirates Feline Federation) and CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) …Awarded EFF “Cattery of Excellence” 

Are all the cats you sell registered?

Yes, all litters are registered. My kitten registrations papers are sent to the buyer when I receive a veterinary certificate confirming spay or neuter.

Is registration information available to be seen prior to purchase?

It is available upon request. Five generation pedigrees are also available on the parents.

Do you have a contract and is it available for viewing prior to purchase?


How does the cattery handle spaying and neutering pets?

In some cases, I do early spay/neuter. In most cases, I prefer our kittens are 2.5kg to decrease the chance of complications from anesthesia. I require all pet kittens be spay/neutered by a licensed veterinarian not later than 6 months of age.

Do you offer a health guarantee? Is there a copy of what is covered available to be viewed before purchase?

Yes, my health guarantee is included in the contract

Are kittens/cats vet checked before they go to their new home?

My resident kittens are vet checked at least twice, and receive their first series of vaccines and microchipping before being released to the buyer.

What tests do you have done on your breeding cats?

My cats receive thorough periodic vet examinations. They are examined and tested for Cardiomyopathy, Feline Leukemia, bone/eye/skin abnormalities and a complete laboratory analysis. Frequently tested for PKD using a DNA laboratory in USA. Incoming cats receive a thorough medical evaluation.

What tests are performed on kittens prior to sale?

Since parents are tested for Feline Leukemia, kittens are not. Buyers may have snap tests done. A thorough vet check is done at least two times on all kittens prior to leaving. PCT vaccination is completed. Rabies vaccine and microchipping is done at last exam. Heart, eyes and bone structure are thoroughly examined. Additional testing is performed, if needed.

At what age do you consider it preferable to let them go to their new homes?

Due to the fact that the kittens mature in steps, I have found the confidence to be the last to develop between 12 and 16 weeks. Their immunity is also better to face the early stresses of change. By this age kittens recieve all vaccinations and are properly socialized.

Do you vaccinate your breeding cats and kittens prior to sale? And if so, do you provide records showing this?

International Veterinary passport is provided when the kitten is released to the buyer. I also include two of our vet’s business cards for any needed consultation by the buyer or buyer’s vet.

Do you allow visits to see your cattery?

I encourage all interested parties to visit our in home cattery. I feel it is important to know where and how your kitten/cat is raised, and to personally observe health conditions. Parents are usually available to meet. I think it very important to personally witness the wonderful temperament and beauty of the parents. Temperament is usually inherited.

Are references available?


Can You Look After My Cat?

Yes, I am happy to look after your McQueen British Shorthair while you are away. 

Do you recommend getting 2 kittens rather than 1?

This is  truly a decision that you must make on your own, because of the added cost for a second kitten, and the amount of attention they will both need from you. Generally most breeders will recommend that you acquire two kittens if the kitten is left home alone for more than 7 hours a day, 4 or more days a week so they can keep eachother company. 

Do you ship cats/kittens?

I will ship but prefer not to ship when possible. I try and work out a plan to personally transfer possession of my kittens if located outside my country. I show my cats regularly and often may meet a buyer in the vicinity of the show hotel. I prefer to not expose my babies to the show hall and not take kittens to shows for sale. If you are traveling and need to take your McQuen British Shorthair, I am glad to assist you in the export process. 

Do you provide information to aid in raising your cats?

I offer to be available to answer questions, provide a second opinion and, most importantly, to provide suggestions on any vet problems or concerns that my arise for the life of your McQueen cat.

Do you microchip your kittens?

All resident cats and kittens in my cattery are microchipped. I always microchip all of the kittens, and provide complete information about the procedure and benefits of microchipping.

How much are your kittens sold for?

Please note that not all breeders operate the same or prepare their kittens the same way, and not all breeders are the same.  Every breeder charges what they feel is fair for the quality of the kittens they produce, as well as the amount of veterinary treatments and care that they invest into each kitten.  With that being said, please contact me for a price quote, and be prepared to answer some questions. Also when contacting me please include some information about yourself and let me know what you are looking for in a kitten. I highly recommend filling kitten application form and include if you have a limited budget.

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