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McQueen British Kittens ~ Caring enough to enrich the lives of our felines’ future.

There are many benefits and reasons to alter your new furry family member before he or she arrives into their new forever home. The following is an outline of wonderful benefits for both you and your new kitten.


1) Your female kitten will live a longer, healthier life. By spaying your kitten you are preventing against uterine infection and breast cancer. This is often an aggressive cancer and is known to spread to the lungs and lymph nodes. The sooner you can spay your female kitten the better chance you have in helping prevent these diseases.

2) If not spayed, females can develop a potentially fatal bacterial infection of the uterus, called a ‘pyometra’.  This condition causes serious illness and often requires emergency medical and surgical intervention if your pet is to survive.

3) By neutering your male kitten you are not only helping prevent unwanted litters of kittens, but also helping prevent testicular cancer.

4) When females come into heat they can howl and urinate more frequently, but by spaying your female early, she will never have a heat cycle and wont display these negative behaviors.

5)  Cats are challenging to manage at home whilst in heat! Cats can be extremely vocal. She will constantly try to escape in search of a mate. If you do not plan on a litter, keeping your male pet away from your female can be very difficult during her cycle. Once spayed, your cat will no longer have a heat cycle and are a much more pleasant member of the family!

4) Males who go unaltered can be quite persistent in finding a mate, leading the possibility that they may attempt to go outside despite your best efforts. Another great reason to neuter your cat kitten early and prevent an unintended escape. Roaming the streets can be very dangerous to the British cats as they are very docile and have no street smarts or instincts to keep them out of harms way. Wandering from home to find a mate can result in serious injury or death from a car or other accident.

5) Altering your male early will help him focus on his new family and environment instead of worrying about marking his territory - and ruining your new furniture, carpet, comforter, etc. This over all makes for a happier, more easy going male cat.

6) By altering your new kitten you are helping the environment. With such a large over population of stray cats, please alter your kitten to fight against adding to the population of unwanted, unloved felines.

7) You will save money in the long run. If your cat accidentally reproduces, the cost and time spent caring for a new litter of kittens is tremendous. It is much simpler and cheaper to alter your furry feline friend as she will experience fewer health and behavior problems.

8) Some cats experience ‘false pregnancies’ and will even lactate, nest, and develop attachments to objects like blankets and toys as though they were their offspring, even though they haven’t given birth. This can be very distressing for you and your kitty. This will not occur once an animal has been spayed.

9) The sooner your kitten is altered the better. The younger they are the quicker they heal, also the less likely they are going to remember the procedure. The last thing we want is our kittens going out into the world with their new families, and then having to go to a unfamiliar home and a new vet, only to come back to their new home hurting and afraid.

By making the choice to spay your pet, you are not only helping her to lead a longer, healthier life; you are also taking an active role in ensuring your companion does not contribute to your community’s unwanted pet population.

As cat breeders we want to stress the importance of altering your new addition to your family. By letting your kitten be altered here at our nursery, you as their new owners get out of the hassle of having to make a special trip to your own vet. Spay/Neuter  Most of the time kittens are left at the vet overnight in a cold metal cage to wake up from their surgery.

However, when we alter our kittens we escort them to our trusted vet for the procedure, and take them home afterwards to watch them. They usually wake up in our arms, with familiar faces watching over them.

Once awake they are kept under my close supervision overnight for observation. Once they are feeling better, usually by the following day, they are then moved to a private space. For the next few days a vet visits my home to check on the kitten\s and give antibiotics and pain medication. It is a lot less stress on the kittens to come back to a familiar place to heal.

Our altering fees are as follows

Female- AED 850

Male- AED 500

Altering Fees are not included with the cost of the kitten, but must be paid at the time of purchase to allow us to book and plan your kitten’s procedure.

Kittens must be 12 weeks old and two pounds prior to being altered. We must allow at least 10 days post surgery for your kitten to heal properly and to insure he/she is comfortable. This is mandatory and we will NOT place/ship kittens sooner than 10 days post altering.

If your kitten is not fixed prior to leaving our nursery we do require proof of spay/neuter within 6 months as per our purchase agreement. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

Spaying and Neutering

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