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McQueen Cattery of Excellence

McQueen is thrilled to have received a "Cattery of Excellence" award according to EFF's rules and regulations!
For many years running, since 2008 I am very proud to have achieved a perfect score in my veterinary inspection - I try and go that extra mile to ensure the health and happiness of my loving cats and I hope this award goes some way to demonstrate this!


The actual cattery evaluation is done by a licensed small animal veterinarian from EFF approved veterinary clinic or hospital. The veterinarian places emphasis on the overall impression of health and well-being of the cats in the cattery during the evaluation and decision making process. S/he carefully checks all the cats in the cattery, the housing and nursing/babby rooms. S/he scores the form infront of the breeder and later the form is send to EFF office. The points are calculated and finally the certificate is issued for "Outstanding" catteries only.


Cattery of Excellence

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