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When buying a British Shorthair, always negotiate a witten purchase agreement before any money changes hands. A written sales contract describes all terms of the sale, including the purchase price and payment schedule, the breeder's health guarantee, and any neuter/spay requirement. Contracts may vary from breeder to breeder; however, all agreements should spell out the buyer's option to return the kitten and get his or her money back if the kitten is found to be unhealthy or unsuitable within a specified period after purchase. The breeder's contract also may require the kitten's new owner to give the breeder the first option to have back the kitten if the new owner can no longer keep it. Aside from stipulating whether an animal can be used for breeding, breeders may include other provisions in their contracts as well, barring the sale of the kitten to a pet shop or research facility or prohibiting declawing the cat. Be sure you read and agree to the terms in the sales contract. 


Health records and vaccination certificates should accompany the sales agreement. When shipping kittens by air, health and rabies certificates are typically required, depending on the destination and on the airline's regulations. 


By purchasing McQueen cat/kitten, the buyer agrees to the following terms.

1. Under no circumstances will this cat be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop research laboratory or any shelter, or similar facility. If for any reason you must get rid of McQueen cat and can not find a suitable home, seller will take kitten back with no exchange of money. FOR NO REASON SHALL THIS CAT/KITTEN BE PUT IN A SHELTER.

2. Adequate indoor facilities will be provided and this cat will not be allowed to roam freely outdoors.

3. If this cat found to be neglected or in ill health for an unreasonable length of time, the purchaser will surrender the cat to the seller unconditionally, with registration papers.

4. If the kitten is being sold as a pet the buyer has 6 months to have it spayed/neutered by a license vet. Registration papers will be available after full payment has been received and cleared by Bank, and proof of spay/neuter is provided to Seller, unless kitten is sold with breeding rights.

The Sales Agreement

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