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McQueen British Shorthairs® is a professional cattery located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. My line of British Shorthairs is the result of the connection between the most prestigious worldwide bloodlines, with the constant and brilliant scores at the International shows. Loving, breeding, and showing British Shorthairs is not just a professional hobby to me, it's my passion, a commitment of excellence, perfection with knowledge, a dedication that starts with the breeder and my breeding cats of superior British Shorthairs. I am dedicated to breeding high-quality British Shorthairs for companionship and for show. My goals include:


  • To advance the British Shorthair breed through selective, careful breeding and education


  • To serve as an information portal regarding the breed, its history, function, and health


  • To model for others the value of "openness" regarding health issues that affect the breed and our line of British Shorthairs


  • To promote the expansion of the British Shorthair gene pool by entering into partnerships with breeders around the world


  • To excite others to love the British Shorthair as much as I do.

About My Cattery

British Shorthair Cattery in Dubai

My home is filled with kisses, orange eyes, cheshire smiles and lots of love

McQueen British Shorthair Cattery

I am striving to maintain the perfect health, correct type, dense coats and the amazing eye colour which is the making of this wonderful teddy bear of a cat. I specialise in Traditional British Shorthairs Black, Blue, Cream, and Silver, although I do occasionally have other colors available. All my wonderful kittens are reared underfoot in the loving home, so are well socialised, whether they are for soul or showing carrer. In addition to the cats I have Yorkshire Terrier dogs and all of my cats and kittens are socialised with them. 


I take my breeding very seriously and want to do my very best to give any animals I breed a happy and healthy life from beginning. I aim to achieve this by minimising the possibility of breeding in problems where we can and raising them in what we consider to be a suitable and loving environment. I am always engaged in the show ring and only breed from cats who have at least gained Champon title and show excellent health and temperament.


Health of my cats is the main priority in my home, therefore all my cats are FELV/FIV and PKD negative. My cats are regularly vet checked, tested and up-to-date on their yearly vaccinations. 


Breeding Pedigree animals dependent upon an established registration system and its rules. Here in the UAE we are lucky to have the Emirates Feline Federation, the largest registry of pedigree cats in the Middle East. My breeding is registered with Dubai Economic Department and most of the cat registries locally and internationally.  In addition, I am an officer of EFF and British Shorthair Cat Club of Dubai and a member of the CFA cat club as well.

My love affair with animals started when I was a small child. My Grandparents dedicated their lives to raising Basset Houds while my mother is breeding and showing Newfoundlands and Persians since her childhood. Perhaps my passion for all things living was inheritated. It was love at first sight when I met phenomenal British Shorthair cat. Marquise was the first cat ever to appeare at my home back in 2006. With his first steps around the house and loud purring he managed to charm and steal the hearts of all family members. No one could resist these trustworthy deep orange eyes, extremely soft, dense, self black coat, beautiful smile, gentle paws and devoted temperamet. As I grew up around dogs, meeting a feline was very unexpected and unplanned. I was smitten the first time I met him. He was like a puppy, following me around the house and sleeping in my hands. British Shorthairs are very independent and loyal cats, Marquise enjoyed Friday walks on the beach and always walked by my side.  At the end of the day he liked to snuggle in my lap and listen to how my day was, Brits are really great listeners. He is just the start of my journey into this wonderful breed.

In the Beginning

I am completely and utterly, totally and entirely, thoroughly and absolutely, head over heels, crazy in love with my sweethearts and I couldn't imagine life without them.

McQueen Rare Luxury Adopted by Prince Abdulrahman bin Khalid Al Saud and lives happily with his family in Saudi Arabia

McQueen Brits live happily in all kinds of places and with all kinds of people. Italy, Spain, Mexico, France, England, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Scotland and Lebanon. 

Locally, my British Shorthairs live in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al ain. Many folks own not just one but two or three McQueen British Shorthair. 

Around the World

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