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The goal of McQueen British Shorthairs has always been to produce high quality show and companion British Shorthairs for the fancy. I do NOT mass breed Brits. Tom cats and queen are carefully screened to insure that genetic problems inherent to the breed are minimized. Mates for our British Shorthairs are carefully selected. My breeding program is limited to about four litters a year. I never breed to the most convenient cat or the cheapest stud tom; but I DO breed to cats which I feel possess type, temperament, soundness and genetics that best compliments my British ladies. I try to breed British Shorthairs that exemplify the standard. In terms of conformation, I strive for strong type, level top lines, exceptional dense coat, low to ground, well round, sound British Shorthairs. Cats are not caged but grow up as members of the family. This, I believe, accounts for their friendly outgoing personality and fire in the ring.

I conduct a variety of genetic and anatomical tests on my British Shorthairs that are used in my breeding program.

What I'm About

To be successful in the breeding it requires knowledge of the basic principles of genetics, dedication, and experience, a bit of luck, great patience and ability to glance forward, as well as persistency, ability to see and recognize mistakes and strong commitment to the principles at the difficult.

Dianamore Kennel


From Our Hearts to Yours

Now more than ever we have turned our attention to our home and family. Matters of the Heart have become our top priority in life, in some ways this pandemic has forced us to reevaluate what we really need versus what we thought we needed. Staying home, spending quality time with our family's verses, so much time in malls and overcrowded places where we could not truly see our most treasured gifts in life. Could this all be a blessing in disguise?


Our children, spouses, and pets have become number one again as they should be. One fact we know for sure is the love of a child or pet is unconditional and indubitably timeless.


Business partners, coworkers, and general acquaintances remain important but not our top priorities.


Search the Internet for family-related items and you will see due to amusement parks, restaurants, and pools being closed families have focused on their own backyards. Grills, swinging sets, pools, they are all out of stock across the country. You cannot help but wonder, will this in time strengthen our families? Will this make divorce rates go down? Will we ever see a silver lining to what now appears to be a dark cloud? 

I hope whoever and whatever makes up your family and heart remain healthy, happy, and stronger each day. If you are in search of a new furry family member, life companion, rest assured your heart is in excellent hands when you trust it with our family-owned cattery that is decades strong. 

With Love McQueen Cattery 

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