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Tabby British Shorthair Kittens (Past Kittens)

Pictured on this page are some of our past Tabby British kittens. We refer to these as “Jungle Babies” due to their wildly exotic coat patterns. Each one has its own -one of a kind- unique color pattern/markings. Typically these wonderful darlings have eye colors either in gold or copper.

One of the largest breeds of cat, this British favourite

has been developed in a variety of attractive colours.

Although the British Shorthair is the most even-tempered of cats, this variation is a reminder of its wild tabby-patterned ancestors. Brown tabbies were among the first British Shorthairs to appear in cat shows in the 1870s, and red and silver versions became popular early on in the breed's history. This cat now comes in a wide range of additional colors, with three traditional tabby patterns: classic (or blotched) tabby, with markings arranged in broad whorls; mackerel, with narrower markings; and spotted. In the Tortie-Tabby, the coat has a second ground color.

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