McQueen Quentin

Introducing Quentin! This purring white angel is ready to steal your heart! It truly seems like forever since we’ve had any white kittens! Quentin is a sensational show-stopper! His luxury cashmere locks cascade down his lil body like a waterfall. His downy white coat is incredibly soft and plush and compliments his baby pink button nose and adorable round ears. His eyes sparkle and light up like vivid amber gemstones at the sight of a human companion. With his elegant gaze and those precious moments eyes which give off those “pick-me-up expressions,” you’ll find him irresistible! We couldn’t have dreamed up a better kitty if we tried, hehe!

While its hard to capture in pictures, Quentin was prancing around and kneading his paws into everything! His quiet curiosity and sweet gentle nature will make your heart melt! When he isn’t busy playing a game of tag with his sisters, Quentin loves to curl up next to you and flop his head into your hand and wait for some extra snuggles and love. And like any charming prince he loves to have his hair brushed and will instantly melt as the brush glides across his back.

Quentin is definitely a royal prince through and through. He comes pre-spoiled and very much adored around here. If you cannot stop thinking about him…he might be “The One!”

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Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Longhair

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 01/03/2018

Color: Rare Snow White

Coat: Super Dense Semi-Longhair

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

Price: Inquire about pricing

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