McQueen Paris

Oh my! What a little slice of heaven on earth! Introducing Paris. We were SO tempted to keep this little lady, hehe. ((Sigh)) Just look at that face!!! Paris is the epitome of purr-fection. She is everything we have worked so hard to create throughout the years. This is the very first time we have EVER parted with a female from this particular mom, we usually keep every single one. As you might have guessed they are some of our favorites.

Paris is a living, breathing doll! Her face is set into a perfect pout on her round teddy bear face. Her “sad” look is even more pronounced with her bright glistening dew drop eyes and tiny black button nose. She doesn’t even look real, but rather like a stuffed animal! Her chipmunk cheeks are highlighted by exquisite buttercream and fawn colors. Around her neck is a beautiful tabby “necklace.” and matching bracelets down her legs. Paris is such a girly girl! The rest of her body is adorned with a delicious golden honey coloring broken up with her spotted dark tabby markings. She enjoys having her luscious locks brushed and will instantly roll over like a beetle and kick her dainty legs in the air with delight.

Her disposition is just as lovely as her breath-taking good looks! Paris has absolutely no fear, she will march right up to anyone and hasn’t meet a stranger in her life! Paris certainly reminds us of a brand new baby fawn and she merrily bounces from one thing to the next throughout the day. You are guaranteed to smile ear to ear at her happy-go-lucky nature. She love to knead her fuzzy toes into every surface she walks on. When you talk to her she tilts her head at you and will run to you to be scooped up and loved on. She will quickly snuggle an fall asleep in your arms. Of course at night her favorite place is your plush pillow where she will purr you a beautiful harmony, snuggle cheek to cheek and delight you with her soft whisker kisses.

Add this delightful designer kitten to your heart and home!

Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Longhair

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 20/10/2017

Color: Black Spotted Tabby

Coat: Super Dense Semi-Longhair

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

Price: Inquire about pricing

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