McQueen KitKat

We are pleased to introduce the cutest kitten in the entire world, KitKat! This lil’ guy is beyond precious! Innocence and wonderment beam from his expressive baby doll eyes; they could tell you endless stories! KitKat has been blessed with chubby and round cheeks. He loves to use them to brush against you in hopes of getting your attention. KitKat has been blessed with an outstanding designer coat as well. His face has been decorated in a trifecta of purr-fection! Warm gold and apricot coloring gently fade into a lovely buttercream color on his chest with matching highlights around his eye and while spotting on his body. To give him a slightly exotic look, his bold brown tabby markings weave patterns throughout his coat. KitKat has those cute round ears that we just love, they give him a teddy bear appearance, heh.

KitKat is a complete sweetheart and always want to be the baby of the family. He spends his time batting around his favorite toys and chasing his nursery friends around the room! When he’s worn himself out you can find him fast asleep either in a kitty tower or in your arms. His rumbling purring motor vibrates his lil’ body and will lull you to sleep too, lol!

This darling prince is dreaming of a new forever family. If he has captured your heart…

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Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 07/06/2017

Color: Wild Tabby

Coat: Dense Shorthair

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

Price: Inquire about pricing

Beautiful Golden Glow!

Fantastic clear markings!

#LitterK3 #BritishShorthair

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