McQueen Honoka

Pet me, pet me, pet me! Honoka just loves having her head rubbed and her chin scratched, and while you're at it, stroke her back and tickle the base of her tail too. This affectionate not so little girl will knead the floor and beg for more! She is a big snuggler and would be the perfect companion for someone who wants a couch buddy to snuggle with. Honoka is a true British girl with a dense coat you'd expect to see on a pampered princess. Her solid blue coat is just stunning! If Honoka has leaped from the screen straight into your heart, and you cannot stop thinking about her, she must be "The One: Apply for her by clicking the button below.

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Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 15/03/2021

Can come home: Soon

Color: Blue

Coat: Super Dense Shorthair

Price: AED 7000

Country of Birth: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

Size: (Honest Estimate “not guarantee”) adult weight: 5-6 kg.

#BritishShorthair #AbuDhabi #Bluekitten

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