McQueen Xanady

Xanady is guaranteed to warm your heart as well as your lap! Her God given beauty radiates from every strand of her luxury coat. Her warm honey colored locks look as if they have been spun from gold. Her creamy colored bib gives her an extra special candle lit glow. Xanady loves to be endlessly pampered. You’ll never want to stop running your fingers throughout her oh so dense fur. Her big baby blue eyes look like sapphires and are filled with love for everyday life. From watching the fall critters through the sunniest window seat to perching on the back of your chair, she is always a happy go lucky girl. If Xanady has captured your heart….

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Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Female

Color: Brown Tabby

Coat: Shorthair

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

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