McQueen Renaissance

Say hello to our adorable little Renaissance! He has the most amazing personality one could ever hope for! He is a constant “by your side” kind of boy! He doesn’t care what you’re doing, he likes to be apart of it! For sure this amazing kitty will knock your socks off!!! Once in a blue moon we will see one of these totally awesome self black British Shorthairs! They are pretty cool as a kitten, but bloom into an unforgettable & stunning adult British Shorthair. He has big round expressive eyes of which she uses to get his way! They will be a ultra rich gold color by the time he is an adult. If this little bundle of black purring fluff is your ideal dream kitten, apply for him HERE.

Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Coat: Dense Short

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

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