NW GCH McQueen Renesmee

Breed: British Shorthair

Sex: Female

Colour: Tortoiseshell


Blood Group: A/b carrier b

Tests: PKD Negative, HCM Normal

Sir: WGRCH Henajuetras Sterling (BRI a)

Dam: GRCH McQueen Show Me Off (BRI f)

Bloodlines: Positively, Kolinga, Darrway, Loraston, Stonemarr, Pampurred, Willowood, Southis

Renesmee is a large girl with well knit and powerful body. Level back and a deep broad chest. She is a tortie with deep black coat. Her most valuable asset is her awesome temperament. Contradicting the "tortie mode" she is docile and extremely affectionate; a purr machine that makes her a perfect Brit Ambassador with the spectators.

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