McQueen Dream Catcher

Meet Dream Catcher! This lil’ guy is sensational! Catcher’s striking soft flames are top notch; bold and brilliant coloring paired with lovely creamy white plush coat that is as soft as buttercream. At any given moment in time you can see him running at what seems to be 100mph chasing his friends in a fun game of tag. When it comes to cuddles, Catcher soaks up the love and affection. He will rest his head on your hand or chest and purr quietly in your arms. His quirky, sweet, and curious personality he has earned a spot on “Our Top Picks.”

Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Longhair

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 02/04/2017

Color: Cream - White

Coat: Dense Semi - Longhair

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

Price: Inquire about pricing

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