McQueen Valentino

Awwww, have you ever see anything so cute in all of your life!? Look at those big circle hoot-owl eyes perfectly placed on the sweetest face our camera has ever graced!

Sweet little Valentino is definitely the little show off of the nursery, he loves it when all eyes are on him and when he can make the other kitties follow him around. He seems to crave human laughter and will do almost anything to provoke it and then seems to almost smile! He stores an entire closet full of silly faces he pops on and off trying to get you to pick him up or just brighten your day. If you need a little more love and laughter in your life, here is the answer!

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Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Shorthair

Date of Birth: 04/10/2016

Gender: Male

Color: Blue

Coat: Super Dense Short

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

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