McQueen Million Kisses Only 4 You

Awe, Millie is as sweet as sugar plums and filled with a heart of gold. This super dense plush teddy bear is adorned with two beautiful gem colored eyes that light up the room. Millie is an angelic ornament and would make a wonderful addition to spice up your life. She loves to be your little shadow and is as faithful as any puppy, only better! From her fuzzy tiny toes to her silvery blue nose Millie has a zest for life and the energy of a kitten on Christmas morning! She loves to play and sometimes plays fetch with her toys. Nothing is more adorable than watching her carry around colorful furry mice in her mouth. She is the most affectionate kitten that I ever had. Sleeping is your arms or being carried around is what makes this little fella the most happiest kitten on earth. She comes to your feet, stands up hugging your leg and waits until you pick her up. She always looks so proud as she prances into the room. Millie is looking for a new forever home to brighten her life in time for the holidays.

Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Female

Color: Blue - Cream

Coat: Very Dense Short

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