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McQueen Mercedes

Meet our darling Mercedes. This special girl showcases a rich and luscious steel blue coat with twinkling golden eyes that are full of curiosity and wonder. Mercedes is highly intelligent and loves to go exploring and making new friends. She has yet to meet someone she couldn’t win over with her playfulness and charm. She enjoys games of tag with her siblings, snuggles with her human companions, and sometimes she chatters out the window at the birdies and squirrels whom are getting into mischief. When she gets really excited Mercedes likes to skip and prance like a baby lamb. With her perfect super dense blue coat and only cream chin, she looks even more innocent and sweet you can’t help but scoop her up into your arms. She is beautiful, classy, and one of the sweetest kittens you will ever meet!

Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Female

Color: Blue - Cream

Coat: Dense Short


We DO NOT hold kittens without a deposit or on verbal promises. Deposits or hold fees are deducted off the price of the kitten if you follow through. It will not be refunded or transferred to another kitten if you choose not to follow through, it will go towards lost sales/advertising time. Only one security deposit per family. The Internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is only one of each kitten and that kitten cannot be duplicated. Kittens can be available one minute and reserved the next. Placing a deposit is the ONLY way to secure a kitten.

Specializing in happy, healthy life companions one fur-baby at a time for over 30 years!

Please understand we do reserve the right to refuse sale.

Thank you again for your interest in our kittens.


All of our kittens are dearly loved and peacefully prayed over from the moment they enter the world until the day they leave our arms. We kindly ask that you apply for our kittens only if you wish to have a furry friend in your life for the next 10+ years.

Additionally I reserve the right to refuse/terminate the sale of a kitten, if the information provided about buyer and/or cattery was false and purposely hidden from seller to take kitten fraudulently. Due to cheating the fees for the kitten and shipping won't be refundable in any case.

Contact us using the short form below

Thank You! Your Message received and I will get back to you at my earliest!

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