McQueen Habibi

Say hello to Habibi. This bouncing baby boy was blessed with over the top good looks and of course a fabulously charming purr-sonality that will win the hearts of even the most loyal dog owners! He is like a ray of sunshine when he prances into the room, he is always in a great mood and ready to warm your heart. He adores attention, and the merrier! He enjoys having his luxurious coat groomed and is like putty in your hands while being pampered. While you talk to him, he will peer into your eyes as if he understands. Most of the time he responds to you by flopping over onto his back begging for tickles on his belly. If his precious and perfect baby doll face doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, his sweet and over the top affectionate personality certainly will!

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Adoption Information Profile

Date of Birth: 15/04/2016

Breed: British Longhair

Gender: Male

Color: Brown Tabby & White Bicolor

Coat: Semi-Longhair

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