McQueen Ignatius

WOW! There are almost no words for this dainty work of art! This gorgeous boy deserves to win the “best dressed” award. His lilac coat is without a doubt amazing! With various shades of hazy pink hues and undertones, he looks like he was dreamed into existence. His coat is a kaleidoscope of colors dreamily dancing into one another! We could not have hand created him any better, even if we tried! He really is picture perfect!

Lilac is an extremely interesting color because it appears to illuminate with every single shift of the body movement. Depending on the light your eye will pick up a multitude of different colors, almost like a precious pearl. Looking at this beauty we see nothing but heaven on earth! His hologram coat is otherworldly and oh so plush and soft to the touch.

Ignatius is our VERY first Lilac kitten, which makes him even more special and ultra rare! His cobby body will capture your heart the instant you see him!

Ignatius is quite a charismatic kitty. He loves to hop and bounce around the nursery like a new spring lamb. He will spend hours chasing his toy mice and other objects he’s decided will make a great toy. He will even curl up and play with his fuzzy toes and tiny tail. The moment you touch him he will snuggle even closer to you to be spoiled with extra snuggles and love. Ignatius like to roll over on his back, belly in the hair in hopes of soaking up with belly rubs. Once he is tired out from his busy day Ignatius will nudge you with his little rose colored nose and curl up right on your chest and quickly purr himself into a blissful sleep. You can hear him quietly purring himself a sweet melody.

As you may have guessed, we are highly tempted to keep this lil one to ourselves.

~Somethings you see with your eyes, others see with your heart~

If you have fallen head over heels in love with darlin’ Ignatius…

Apply for Ignatius

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 27/04/2019

Can come home: 20/07/2019

Color: Lilac | Adult Look

Coat: Super Dense Shorthair

Country of Birth: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates

Price: AED 6000

Size: (Honest Estimate “not guarantee”) adult weight: 8-9 kg.


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