McQueen Puma

Puma is sure to win over anyone with her over the top friendly personality! She is a constant shadow to anyone around her, determined to make her presents known. She will weave figure “8’s” between your legs purring the entire time. If you want a lovable kitten to enjoy and snuggle up to on brisk, cool winter nights, you couldn’t find a better match. While she is bursting personality, she also impresses with her wild like coat, adorned with striking tabby markings. The markings fade and blend nicely into her coat. Her animated golden, still blueish eyes twinkle with joy each day.

Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Longhair

Date of Birth: 15/09/2016

Gender: Female

Color: Brown Tabby

Coat: Semi longhair

Country of Birth: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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