McQueen Bernice

Meet our lovely and talented Ms. Bernice! Bernice has been blessed with luxurious soft two toned designer coat and a large delightful personality to go with it. She is so friendly it will blow your mind! She is a total package fit for any household that is willing to spoil her rotten and treat her like a princess! Happiness radiates from her blazing red-coated body which will make you smile ear to ear. Her sweet nature and lovey-dovey gestures will melt you heart. You can be sure, her sweet melodic purrs will slowly wake you up each morning, followed by small sandpaper kisses. She is likely to be your little fluffy shadow the moment you get out of bed. Its like watching a shampoo commercial as she prances down the halls, with her coat blowing in the breeze, hehe. What a beautiful little girl! Her reddish orange coat, decorated with darker red tabby markings set on top of her stark white bib and underbelly creates a beautiful airbrushed illusion. Don’t you just love how all the colors fade in and out of focus?

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Adoption Information Profile

Date of Birth: 22/03/2016

Breed: British Longhair

Gender: Female

Color: Red Tabby & White Bicolor

Coat: Semi-Longhair

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