My Amazing Selection of Boys

At McQueen I don't believe in caging a cat unnecessarily, that goes for my boys as well. They live in one part of the house where our bedrooms are and kitten room. They run freely with kittens and teens.  The daddies (or sires as they're called) are often the sweetest of my cats and people are usually amazed at how well these big guys get along with one another and visitors.

International  Winner, World Grand Champion Chelsea Salvadores


Breed: British Shorthair

Sex: Male

Colour: Blue



Blood Group: A/b carrier b

Tests: PKD, HCM Negative

Sir: GRECH Salvador Lesne Ranczo*PL

Dam: CH Kolinga Kerenza



I am very thankful to breeders in his ancestry for improving and working on this line. Chelsea is one of the best representatives of the breed. He is a well-balanced and powerful boy with great eye colour and wonderful very dense coat. Medium blue and very level in color. No tabby markings or white anywhere. Round head, round cheeks, medium ears, large round and wellopened eyes. Doesn't carry colour point allies. Chelsea started his show carrier from kittenhood and easily reached the hights in no time. Not yet turned 12 months how he closed the title of Grand Champion and in 2014 he became EFF Best Cat, Best Shorthair Cat and Best British Shorthair. He has a phenomenal temperament as well. Very sweet, social, loyal and cuddly boy. He is a true British and so from time to time can show his moodiness but mostly he is a remarkle boy that appreciates my company and always found next to me.



Gr.Eur. Ch. Salvador Lesne Ranczo * PL

Ch. Kolinga Kerenza (UK)

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Cattery of Excellence

Emirates Feline Federation

~~DNA Tested PKD Negative Cattery~~

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