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British Shorthair Males
White British Shorthair odd eye

God made the cat in order that man might have the pleasure of caressing the lion.

Fernand Mery

I am pleased to welcome you to my Exclusive British cats’ cattery website  «McQueen».


I have been captivated not only by the incredible character of these cats, but also by their appearance resembling a smaller version of teddy bear. After finishing felinology courses, visiting different catteries around the world and getting involved in cat showing, I decided to register my own name that would represent my superior cats in show ring and cat fancy. Therefore cattery "McQueen" is registered with EFF (Emirates Feline Federation), TICA (The International Cat Association), as well as CFA (Cat Fanciers' Assocciation) and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

I am specializing in breeding and showing purebred British Shorthair cats of their classic colors without hybridization. For foundation I used lines from the famous and well-established catteries in Europe and England. Some of the well known lines found in my pedigrees are Coppins, Darrway, Henajuetras, Kilnwood, Kolinga, Kraayenberg, Positively, Revodna, Stonemarr, Taurine, Toreno, Truebrit, Van Blake Lake, and Willowood to only name a few. I do take every chance to show my fabulous cats, and in many years we won quite a lot of awards and earned lots of titles. In 2013 my boy NW WGRCH McQueen Silver Iceberg became EFF Best Cat, Best Shorthair and Best British Shorhair of the Year!  In 2014 my other blue boy also became best cat of the Year and International Winner! If you are willing to become a proud owner of the most luxurious British Shorthair or perhaps British Longhair then you have come to the right place!

I'd like to welcome you on my website and I hope you'll have a pleasant stay!

British shorthair in Dubai
Silver Tabby Kitten
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