McQueen Nazario

Season greetings from Nazario! This precious baby is the equivalent of a childhood teddy bear, he loves to be held and to cuddle close, quickly falling asleep right on your pillow. He is ready to be anyone’s confidant and best friend. He is so inquisitive and loves to play peek-a-boo with you. Better yet, he will roll on to his back, kick his dainty feet and wait for tummy rubs. If this miniature kitty holds the key to your heart, apply for him here

Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 24/09/2017

Color: Blue

Coat: Dense Shorthair

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

Price: Inquire about pricing

Bonded Buddy:

#BritishShorthair #LitterN3

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