McQueen Real Sweetie

Adoption Information Profile

Breed: British Shorthair

Date of Birth: 29/09/2016

Gender: Female

Color: Tortie

Coat: Super Dense Short

Country of Birth: United Arab Emirates

Sweetie is a confident kitten that commands attention wherever she goes! She is bound to greet you wth a strong rumbling purr that will sing to your heart. She is carefully decorated in a beautiful brindle coat that showcases the variety of festive fall colors. With speckles and larger patches that weave in and out of one another then softly cascade down to her tiny toes and tail, she is a sight to see! We particularly love the blazing red hot cinnamon patches peeking out from the dark backdrop.The soft and whimsical cream bib really brings out her large bright eyes. Many believe that “Torties” are bound to bring good luck and fortune! Whether that is the case or not, we consider ourselves very lucky to have such a stunning baby girl to love! Sweetie is chalk full of purr-sonality and can’t wait to find her new forever home. If you have extra love to give and would love to make her queen of your house, make her yours today. She can’t wait to be spoiled!


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