McQueen Hunter

Spice up your life with something exotic! Meet my fantastic British Shorthair boy, Hunter. As you might of guessed playfulness is his second name and entertaining you is his most important game. Aside from his obvious good looks, darker tabby markings create the perfect harmony against his glittery silver undercoat, his class clown act will delight anyone. Whether he is merrily skipping throughout the house, chasing imaginary foes, or giving you a quirky smile when he tilts his head Hunter definitely marches to his own beat. Even the chirping noses he makes as he rolls around on the floor are sure to make you smile from ear to ear. Hypnotizing glinting doe eyes with incredible eyeliner, a sweet baby bear face with its black button nose, and a pattern coat that would make anyone jealous. If you always loved the elite class and your life needs more cheer, consider inviting Hunter into your home. Hunter’s charming personality will keep on giving for a lifetime to come.

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Adoption Information Profile

Date of Birth: 15/04/2016

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Male

Color: Black Silver Tabby

Coat: Short

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